Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a Masters-level general business degree which will equip you with the sophisticated skills and knowledge required to become a successful business leader. The MBA program develops functional management skills through studies of economic, accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, human resource management, operations management and strategic management, all of which have a global perspective.
The program is designed to extend the knowledge, skills and experience of its students through the analysis of problems and challenges facing industries and organizations. Covering all key aspects of business management.

The MBA program is completed over two years of full-time study. The program required completion of 72 Credit Points, 60 Credit Points core course work requirement, 12 Credit Points specialization course work requirement.

Subject Credit_Hours

First Semester
Management Concept & Application 3
Financial Accounting 3
Business Communication 3
Information Technology in Business 3
Business Statistics 3
Marketing Concept & Application 3

Second Semester
Marketing Management 3
Managerial Economics 3
Financial Management 3
Human Resource Management 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Business Research Method 3

Third Semester
Busines Economics 3
Strategic Management 3
Management Information System 3
Cost & Managerial Accounting 3
Elective I 3
Elective II 3

Fourth Semester
Total Quality Management 3
Project Appraisal & Management 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Business & Labour Law 3
Elective III 3
Elective IV 3


are available in the following discipline areas: Four electives are required to complete the program. This level of postgraduate program is generally for students who wish to expend their knowledge in a specialized area of their chosen discipline.


Personal Selling & Sales Management
Strategic Brand Management
Consumer Behavior


Corporate Finance
Analysis of Financial Statement
Managerial Finance
Islamic Finance

Human Resource Management

Training & Development
Strategic Staffing
Leadership & Team Work
Performance Management

Information Technology

Network Management
System Analysis & Design
Data Mining


On successful completion of this course, working independently or in collaborative groups, graduates of the course will be able to:

  • build up core knowledge of subjects fundamental to management.
  • develop analytical skills indispensable in problem solving and decision making.
  • Critically reflect upon theoretical approaches and analyse their application to achieve effective management strategies.
  • understanding the process of management and human behavior in organizations.
  • master the art of taking theory and turning it into real-world practical solutions.
  • gain insights into the changing of business, economic, social and political environments which affect organization.


The academic year is divided into two parts of six months duration: also referred to as (SEMESTER)


Bachelors degree from any recognized institution with minimum second division.


The MBA Program is affiliated with Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology and fully accredited by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Government of Pakistan.


You will start your MBA journey by undertaking functional courses that introduce business concepts, followed by courses that draw upon the learning activities experienced and knowledge acquired to focus on strategy development. These courses in the latter part of the program allow you to showcase your emerging business expertise.

Throughout the program, we teach you to identify where you want your career path to lead, and to give you the skills to take you there.
Our collaborative approach to learning teaches you how to share responsibilities and take advantage of your team’s experiences and knowledge. And, you’ll get to see the impact of your learning instantly as you apply it to real-world problems in the workplace.
You will develop a cross-section of management, marketing and financial expertise, and opening up a wealth of career opportunities in Pakistan and overseas.

Duration: Two Years
Timing : Evening
Semester Fee: Rs.30,000/- (Full / Installment)
University Examination: Rs.2500/- per semester
University Enrollment: Rs.5000/- one Time
Total Program Fee: Rs.135,000/- approximately


  • All courses are subject to review & change by the Federal Urdu University.
  • Examination and Enrollment Fees may vary according to the Federal Urdu University policy.
  • Specific specialization depending on enrollment of minimum 12 students.