Bachelor of (Computer Science / Software Engineering)

Computer science has transformed the world with advances that can be applied to every industry and level of human interaction. Computing science is a rapidly-growing field, generating a great number of employment opportunities in the field of Information Technology.
Computer science program offers you a balanced blend of theory and practice, covering a wide range of topics, including computer systems and design, databases, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, networks and multimedia systems.
Students will also develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, team work and communication through a variety of platforms. The course is designed to produce graduates who have a strong industry focus and who have demonstrated the full range of knowledge and skills grained through a relevant project in the final year. It also prepares the candidate for IT industry certifications in the fields of networking, systems administration and software development.
The program required completion of 33 core subjects with 9 specialization elective subjects and one project.

Subject Credit_Hours

First Semester
Introduction to Computer Science 3
Fundamentals of Programming 3
Basic Electronics 3
Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3
English-I (Communication Skills) 3
Islamic Studies / Ethics 3

Second Semester
Computer Organization & Assembly Language 3
Digital Logic Design 3
Discrete Structures 3
Probability and Statistics 3
English-II (Technical and Business Writing) 3
Pakistan Studies 3

Third Semester
Data Structure and Algorithms 3
Object Oriented Programming 3
Database Management Systems 3
Differential Equations 3
Data Communication 3
Urdu 3

Fourth Semester
Software Engineering 3
Operating Systems 3
Computer Architecture 3
Visual Programming 3
Design & Analysis of Algorithms 3
Linear Algebra 3

Fifth Semester
Computer Communications and Networks 3
Numerical and Symbolic Computing 3
Web Programming 3
Elective I 3
Elective II 3
Elective III 3

Sixth Semester
Theory of Automata & Formal Language 3
Human Computer Interaction 3
Advanced Database Systems 3
Elective IV 3
Elective V 3
Elective VI 3

Seventh Semester
Artificial Intelligence 3
Compiler Construction 3
Elective VII 3
Elective VIII 3
Elective IX 3

Eighth Semester
Multimedia Technologies 3
Final Year Project 3


are available in the following discipline areas: Eight electives are required to complete the program. This level of undergraduate program is generally for students who wish to expend their knowledge in a specialized area of their chosen discipline.



  • Data Mining
  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Grid and Cloud Computing
  • Software Quality Engineering
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • E-Commerce
  • Software Project Management
  • Data Warehousing


The Degree is enabling students to:

  • apply appropriate design and programming techniques to the solution of diverse problems.
  • develop analytical skills indispensable in problem solving and decision making.
  • contribute to the national economy and development by making constantly available high-quality I.T. trained professionals in the country.
  • understand professional and ethical responsibilities, the importance of diversity, and community, societal, and global issues relating to their current and future professional lives.


The academic year is divided into two parts of six months duration: also referred to as (SEMESTER)


Intermediate (Engineering / Computer Science), DAE or equivalent degree from any recognized institution with min. 45% percentage.


The BS (Computer Science) Program is affiliated with Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology and fully accredited by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Government of Pakistan.


You could work in software companies, commercial institutions, internet-related companies or IT units of most private sector and government organisations. The most common job classification is programmer or analyst/programmer, but some graduates prefer to work more closely with people in user support or network administration. Computer science graduates also work in gaming and software development, robotics and artificial intelligence as well as in research.

Duration: Four Years
Timing : Morning
Semester Fee: Rs.30,000/- (Full / Installment)
University Examination: Rs.2500/- per semester
University Enrollment: Rs.5000/- one Time
Total Program Fee: Rs.265,000/- approximately


  • All courses are subject to review & change by the Federal Urdu University.
  • Examination and Enrollment Fees may vary according to the Federal Urdu University policy.
  • Specific specialization depending on enrollment of minimum 12 students.