The skill set that combines technological expertise with critical thinking


The Diploma of Associate Engineer or DAE is a three years Post-Secondary program of instructions in various engineering disciplines. It includes regular studies having Classroom Lectures, Workshop Assignments, Labs Experiments, Industrial Projects and Industrial Tours. After successful completion of Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE), students can join either BE/BS and B.Tech degree programs or get employment as Supervisor, Foreman, Technician, Sub-Engineer, Draftsman, Chemical/Gas/Manufacturing Plant Operator, Instrument Technician, Junior Instructor or Workshop Superintendent etc.

Civil Technology:

Civil Technology diploma program prepare students with the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience they need to cover this broad range of responsibilities and achieve success in the industry by acquiring the skills and knowledge to become a member of civil engineering teams that are responsible for planning, costing, building, maintaining, and rehabilitating roads, bridges, buildings, water distribution systems, and pipelines. Courses are focused on applying professionalism towards drafting, surveying, construction methods, quality control, inspections, and laboratory testing.


GEN111 Islamiat/ Pakistan Studies 1
ENG112 Technical English 2
MATH113 Applied Mathematics-I 3
CH112 Applied Chemistry 2
PHY113 Applied Physics 3
SHOP162 Workshop Practice 2
CT114 Surveying-I 4
CT123 Construction-I 3
CT133 Civil Drafting-I 3

GEN211 Islamiat/ Pakistan Studies 1
COMP222 Introduction to Computer Application 2
MATH213 Applied Mathematics-II 3
CT212 Public Health Engineering-I 2
CT253 Mechanics of Structures 3
CT262 Quantity Surveying-I 2
CT224 Surveying-II 4
CT233 Construction-II 3
CT243 Civil Drafting-II 3

GEN211 Islamiat/ Pakistan Studies 1
CT312 Project Management 2
CT344 Hydraulics And Irrigation 4
CT212 Public Health Engineering-II 3
CT353 Railwayas Docks Harbours & Bridges 3
CT262 Quantity Surveying-II 2
CT364 Concrete Technology & RCC Design 4
CT373 Soil Mechanics Highways and Airports 3
CT381 Civil Engineering Project 1


  • All courses are subject to review & change by the Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE).
  • Examination and Enrollment Fees may vary according to the Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) policy.


The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Develop and use strategies to enhance professional growth and ongoing learning in the civil engineering field.
  • Complete duties and monitor that work is performed in compliance with contractual obligations, applicable laws, standards, bylaws, codes and ethical practices in the civil engineering field.
  • Apply teamwork, leadership, supervision and interpersonal skills when working individually or within multidisciplinary teams to complete civil engineering projects.
  • Coordinate and perform quality control testing and evaluate equipment, materials and methods used in the implementation and completion of civil engineering projects.


The program followed by annual examination system, SBTE will conduct examination each year, there are three examination within this DAE program


Matric in Science or TSC (Matric Tech.) or equivalent degree from any recognized institution with min. 45% percentage.


The DAE (Diploma of Associate Engineer) Program is affiliated with Sindh Board of Technical Education and fully accredited by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Government of Pakistan.


As a qualified Civil Associate Engineer, graduates may find employment in many areas of the construction industry, including cost estimating of residential, commercial, and civil projects, surveying, project management, building inspection, infrastructure maintenance, restoration and repair, materials testing and quality control and construction inspection.

Duration: Three Years
Timing : Evening
Annual Fee: Rs.30,000/- (Full / Installment)
SBTE Examination: Rs.2670/- per Year
SBTE Enrollment: Rs.1800/- one Time
Total Program Fee: Rs.99,816/- approximately